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YSunday, November 15, 2009' 22:17

APEC 2009.

APEC GALA dinner held at Esplanade yesterday.
The best part, President OBAMA was there!!! OMG!
I did not get to see him at all !!!
Its like the leaders and securities/body guards were crowding around him and blocking my view!
All of them were tall, i did not even manage to firgure out where he was standing.
The dinner wasn't a dragging one though..
Luckily got chosen to be drink server instead of food as the synchronisation for serving food seems so cock when i see them walking round the tables and they just look so BLUR.
Hahas. it was fun looking at them yesterday!! LOLS
Luckily lydia was there and so I have someone accompany me to work.
Meng Yi, Farhan and Aishah was kinda unlucky cos they did not get the APEC pass and couldn't work. SAD.. they went for so many trainings but yet did not get to work for the actual day.
Hmmm, dinnner ends around 10 and we cleared almost everything to the back area. Went back hotel at 1120pm.
Meet up RS and Cindy after work and slack around.. then at 2am, to Arena. Hahahs. Get to see the Singers again!!!
They are good looking and attractive but kind of a little flirting in Arena.
hahas. anyway, i still love the way they sing..!
And there is two BRAZILIAN GUYS came to us and dance with us. I donnoe whether they are drunk, but they seems so normal. One of them keep on coming towards me, I dance with him and OMG he start to hug me and!!!!!!!........ trying to KISS my lips. WTH. i pushed him away and said NO! omg
but they did not spoil my mood anyway, just have to accept there are always ppl like them in clubs..
And the very first time i went club till 5am in the morning.. slack at mac till 6.30am and then back home to sleep.. Whoo.. i think i should get a life like this cos i just fell so wanna club again, every week !!!!
I need to change my lifestyle and don wanna think alot and get emo again and again.

YSunday, November 1, 2009' 03:52

Things aren't right today. What's wrong with me? ..
I donnoe.. I wasn't in the mood ?
ITs PMS again!! fcuk.
I was alright when talking to mum in the morning and all of the sudden, my mood changed.
Especially when i see humans rushing and pushing their way to get up and down the bus..
WTH.. it just spoil my day..
suppose to go for APEC training in the morning and work at night, but i went to accompany him..
As i said, things wasn't right .. my mood..
and just some minor things he got so agitated.
Well, why can't i say what i wanna say? and so why he can and yet, i don show my attitude?
AND What smoking benefits u ???
for u to de-STRESS?. like what? and how does it helps?
when things happen, u just light up ur stick.
OuH.. com'on, it's just a stupid and dumb excuse to use...

Though i admit I did that before bcos of u. But i will never again...
It isn't worth anything and i don gain anything as well..
You're just spending off ur money . let it burnt, and kills ur lungs.
WHAT is WRONG with u ? ..

FYP sucks big time. it takes up all my free time just to use the com, research, and type it out.
what's the point? .. its just like another tut but accumulated for two sem.
working on something u'r not interested in?
doing things that u don like to do?
ITS just fucking waste of time. .
Why wanna give us such nonsensical project?. . and in turn is grading but not anything else.

YWednesday, October 14, 2009' 11:30

Its wednesday!!!
Have been wearing braces for a week and the feeling is still sucky.
Well, not only it is irritating but my mouth seems to be protruding !!!
gosh.. it is so irritating to eat any food. every single food i bite gets stuck between. And i cannot bite the apple anymore!! I realise i've been brushing my teeth for 4 times a day and my inner skin gonna tear anytime. I really wish i could take all the metals out of my mouth in no time.
And how i wish i could eat everything i want right now !! its now!!!
i look like a retard when i talk because the upper lips seems to be stiff and not moving!!! It just freak me out =(
dear gonna go back to Penang today as well. sigh, I feel so down.. i donnoe why
did not spend much time with him during my hols and wanted to spend this few days with him before sch starts on Monday but he's going back.
I just feel like i'm losing him again. the same old feeling i've felt before. I really wish i could stay with him and be with him. But i no matter what, i am still unable to face my parents and to tell them eveything.
It has been dragging for so long and yet, i'm still here keeping quiet.

I gonna miss u, seriously.

YTuesday, October 6, 2009' 23:15

Hey ppl!! i'm having my braces on tml.!!! 'm kind of so moody today..
I'm not feeling nervous but just don't wish to have braces on now!
I cannot imagine how ugly my smile will be.. SEROIUSLY i don wish to have braces on !!!!
OMG.. i'm feeling terrible.. I can't smile w/o showing my teeth!! ~_~
i feel like crying ~~
Sigh.. i can't have braces on ..seriously i can't. and of cos there is a reason to it..
it will spoil everything.. its everything ..
okay, i donnoe how it will goes tml.. but i think i don want it to happen..

i just feel that im gonna destroy the myself if im having braces~~

YSunday, September 20, 2009' 22:43

I'm getting real busy for F1 starting tml..

will be VERY busy the whole WEEK~!!

YWednesday, September 16, 2009' 01:50

I pass my driving test!!!
OMG! hahhas. I'm seriously shock that i manage to pass..

Okay, PPL, i need u guys to type ur blog address in the tagboard .. i lost every single link in my previous blog just because i accidentally click save template when previewing the skins..
Im kinda pissed that i've to waste so much time to complete my blog again..!!ARGH!!
sigh.. its a temp skin that i'll be using.. no time to modify for now.. hmm, just do me a favour kay!!

I'm gonna have braces on next week and this thurs will have to extract two wisdom tooth at one go..
sigh, i thought for my case is so mild that i need to just wear it for half a year..
But, it has to be at least a year.. and for me, exactly one year.. shit.
I couldn't imagine hw ugly i will look like smiling or laughing with my mouth wide open showing my teeth.
And there goes my ugly grad pics next April..
well, i can't wait to extract my tooth.. i WANNA FEEL THE PAIN! lols

YSaturday, September 12, 2009' 15:29

Th' LadyY

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Karen Chng
The BIG 2 and 0
28 sep'89

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Car license
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Freedom (age 21)
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